Wednesday December 13 – Meditation and the Parami of Generosity

On Wednesday, December 13th, the Sangha will meet for meditation, tea and discussion at 7 PM at the Friends’ Meeting House at Sheridan and 19th Streets in Port Townsend.

After meditation and tea, John will be facilitating a discussion on the Parami (Perfection) of Generosity.

Generosity is the first of the 10 wholesome qualities of mind and heart that the Buddha taught his students to cultivate. The practice of generosity aids our development of compassion and loving-kindness. It leads to the deepening of awareness of our connection to all living beings. It can assist us to develop non-attachment.

We can give in many ways: We can give materially with money and goods; we can give time and service; we can give care. In relationships we can give attention, as well as space to allow another to be the way he or she is or wants to be.

Join us Wednesday for a time to share with one another the ways we personally understand and engage in the practice of generosity/dana.

All are welcome and invited to attend.

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