Sangha Resources

This page includes templates for letters and other documents used by Sangha volunteers to manage various events for the group. (This page is updated regularly; check back often. If you would like to see something added to this page, or  have suggestions for updating any of the documents, please contact the Webmaster!)

2016 Dharma Study Program schedule

Wednesday Meditation Volunteer Tasks:
Set-up / Take-down procedures QMH
Lead Meditation

Template for a Day of Mindfulness invitation letter:  WORD    PDF
How to Organize and Facilitate a Day of Mindfulness: WORD

How to send an email to the PT Sangha Google Group:  WORD     PDF

Retreat Manager/Coordinators Task Sheets:
Retreat Manager
Set-up/Take Down Coordinator
Tea Coordinator

Retreat Email template – to be sent by Registrar to PT Sangha Google Groups prior to retreats:  WORD    PDF