Retreat Scholarships

Dana is offered by meditators attending Port Townsend Sangha sits as an expression of generosity. Some of the dana is available to support meditators going on retreat.

Who is eligible: Meditators who attend sangha “regularly” and for whom scholarship assistance will make going on retreat possible.

Retreats covered: Both residential and non-residential retreats in the Vipassana tradition or retreats offered by teachers we have used as a dharma resource in the sangha.

Expectations: Retreatant will share with the sangha their experience of the retreat.

Amount covered: Applicants are expected first to request scholarship assistance from the retreat center. The Port Townsend Sangha will cover 1/2 of the remaining registration fee (after retreat center scholarship) to a maximum of $100/week, 2 week maximum. Transportation and other expenses are not covered.

Approved by: Guiding Committee.

Application Process: To apply, fill out the application form and give it to a Guiding Committee member at a sit.

Scholarship Budget: The Guiding Committee manages dana funds and determines how much is available for scholarships.

For more information: Talk with any member of the Guiding Committee or contact us.