Monthly Days of Mindfulness

We have regular Saturday Sits on the second Saturday of each month (except for the months of our weekend retreats, usually May and October, but our 2017 retreats will be in April and September). The inspiration for these day-long retreats is to provide an opportunity to deepen our practice, time and space to engage in longer meditations and dhamma study, and to strengthen the community we share.

We offer two formats for our monthly Days of Mindfulness (DOMs): a “Teacher-led DOM” or a “Quiet Day”. The Teacher-led day is focused on instruction, with either a live teacher or a recorded video of a teacher, often from Spirit Rock. A Quiet Day gives more time to silence and extended meditation practice (walking and sitting), with perhaps a brief guided meditation in the morning and a taped (audio) dhamma talk in the afternoon.

A typical retreat day begins at 9am and finishes between 4pm and 5pm. A shared lunch is taken in silence, and participants are asked to bring their own bagged lunch. A $20 donation is requested for Teacher-led days to cover the cost of hiring the venue (usually the Quaker Meeting House on Sheridan Rd in Port Townsend). There is no charge for Quiet Day retreats, as these are held in the home of a sangha member. For every retreat, a dana offering is encouraged and will be either given to the teacher or to the PT Sangha to assist in running its events and for the allowance of a scholarship fund for members who wish to go on extended retreats.

Participants are requested to hold the intention of committing to the whole day when they register. This helps to strengthen and stabilize the group energy throughout the day. Please bring something to share for lunch and any meditation items (cushions, shawls) that assist your meditation practice. Chairs will be provided.

The retreat theme and schedule will be sent out (via the Sangha email list) and posted on this website at the beginning of each month. Contact details will be provided for registration or you can use the automated web-registry below. As there is a limited number of spaces, early registration is recommended.

The 2017 Saturday Sit retreat schedule is as follows:

May – Spring Weekend Retreat – no DOM

September – Fall Retreat – no DOM

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Our first Day of Mindfulness  for 2017 will be held on Saturday, January 14 from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Quaker Meeting House in Port Townsend. We will be viewing a recorded daylong retreat led by Dr. Rick Hanson held at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in September 2014. A short description of this retreat follows:

The Neurodharma of Love

On the whole, we experience our greatest joys and sorrows in our relationships. Supported by both Buddhism and Western psychology, the keys to healthy relationships include empathy, compassion, and kindness. These states of mind are based on underlying states of your brain. The emerging integration of modern neuroscience and ancient contemplative wisdom offers increasingly skillful means for activating those brain states – and thus for cultivating an open and caring heart, and more fulfilling relationships. This retreat will offer user-friendly information with lots of practical methods.

 We’ll cover:

  • The primacy of relationships in evolution, and the deep capacities for both loving altruism and fearful aggression
  • The deep neurological circuits of virtue, empathy, and caring – the foundation of healthy relationships
  • Unilateral virtue in relationships
  • Strengthening empathy
  • Moving beyond “us and them” to extend lovingkindness to the whole wide world

Throughout the day we will observe Noble Silence as a way of facilitating our deepening practice. You are welcome to bring your own meditation items, e.g. cushions, zabuton, shawl, meditation stool, etc. Chairs are available for those who prefer to sit during meditation. We will have lunch together. Please bring something to share, preferably vegetarian, that doesn’t require heating up. Dinnerware and eating utensils, tea and water are provided.

A schedule for the day will be posted on the day of the event. There is a registration fee of $20 to cover the rent of the facility and dana will be collected for Rick Hanson. No one will be turned away for not being able to pay. To facilitate a peaceful day and care for the group energy, we ask that you hold the intention to stay for the entire day. If you know you must leave early, please let the facilitator know beforehand.

Please register for this DOM below. We look forward to sharing the day with you.

This Day of Meditation (DOM) will be held on Saturday February 11, from 10am to 4pm at a home in Port Townsend.

This will be a day of silent sitting and walking meditation practice which will include two recorded dharma talks. The talks were chosen to assist us in orientating our practice with this particular time we are in right now. We will also share a silent potluck lunch.

The following talks are available on Dharma Seed:

Your Awake Heart Is Calling You by Tara Brach given January 18,  2017 in Washington DC. Brach writes,

As individuals and societies, we are pulled by both the insecurity of our evolutionary past, and by our awake heart, our capacity for mindfulness and compassion. This talk explores the ways we can listen to and respond to the call of our awake heart, by training ourselves to open to vulnerability (our own and others) and widen the circles of compassion.

Jack Kornfield’s Monday Night Talk was given at Spirit Rock November 14, 2016. Kornfield invites us to come into the present time in a deeper way and not let fear take over our hearts as he explores how can we not get all tangled up in this historic time.  He says,

Over the years of teaching, I’ve found a growing need for profound lovingkindness and compassion–a transformation of the heart–to underlie the insights and understandings that come out of the practice. An opening of the mind needs to be supported by compassion from the heart if the practice is to be integrated, fulfilled, and lived in our lives.

There is no charge for the day but Dana will be collected and shared between Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield and PT Sangha.

As there is limited space please register early (below) or via email. Further details and directions to the venue will be sent after registration.

Listen to Pema Chödrön share her wisdom on how to make our homes, our country, and our world a better place by starting with peace in our own hearts, even in the midst of challenging times.

The Saturday Sit will take place from 10am – 4pm at a Sangha member’s home in Port Townsend. The following dharma talks will be listened to as part of our Quiet Day:

  • Practicing Peace in Times of War
  • Positive Insecurity

If you would like to listen to Pema prior to the day, Shambala is offering a free download of two chapters of her book, Practicing Peace and the associated audios. The offer is at:

Sign up for the retreat below or via email. More information about the day and the location of venue will be sent at time of registration.

For this Saturday Sit we join arms with our friends at the the Quimper Unitarian Univeralist Fellowship (QUUF), who will be running the day at their church.

Rev. Florence Caplow will facilitate “A Spring Gentle Day of Mindfulness” on Saturday, April 8, 10am – 2:30pm. Details for the day are as follow:

Day of Mindfulness is the practice of bringing attention to the direct experience of the present moment. In this silent, restful day of gentle retreat we will explore the practice of presence through meditation, walking meditation, and moment-to-moment awareness. There will be guided meditations, a talk, small groups, and a potluck lunch shared in silence.

 For those new to meditation, there will be an optional orientation at 9 am.

Sign up for the Day of Mindfulness on the QUUF website under the Adult Learning Programs (ALPs) page. Public sign up for all ALPs courses begins Sunday February 5th. Go to this link and follow instructions for signing up.

Rev. Caplow is a minister at QUUF. She is also a Soto Zen priest and teacher, writer, and former conservation biologist.

Vipassana Meditation & Wisdom Healing Qigong with Adriane Oliver and Linda Smith. 10am to 4pm at the Friends Meetinghouse. More information to come.

This will be a day of sitting and/or outdoor walking meditation practice (in approximately 45 minute segments ) with a recorded talk by Tara Brach in 2 parts. Part 1 will be in the morning and part 2 in the afternoon. We will share a silent potluck lunch midday. There will be a short verbal sharing of our DOM experience at the end of the day.

Description of Tara Brach’s recorded talks:  “Happiness Is Possible: De-conditioning the Negativity Bias” :

There is an inner freedom that expresses as happiness and peace, and it is accessible when we arrive in openhearted presence. As the Buddha said, “If it were not possible to find liberation, I would not teach about it.” In this two part talk, we will look at the conditioning that blocks happiness and two primary pathways of practice that evolve our consciousness and free our hearts.

The retreat will take place from at a local Sangha member’s home in Port Townsend (directions to follow upon registration), from 10am to 4pm. Register below. 

Our August 12 Day of Mindfulness will be a Quiet Day of practice from 10am to 4pm. Throughout the day we will transition between Still and Moving (sitting and walking) practice with a break for lunch and an afternoon recorded Dharma Talk. The topic is “Patience” and we’ll hear from teacher Alex Haley on “From Perfection to Possibility to Patience”.

Please bring your own meditation supports and something to share for lunch. Tea, eating utensils, and chairs will be provided.

There is no charge for the day. You are welcome to leave dana as a gift to the PT Sangha which sponsors these days. The Quiet Day will take place at the home of one of our members; directions to the venue will be sent upon registration.

Please register below or contact the PT Sangha with questions.


Our Saturday Sit for October will take place on Saturday the 14th from 9.30am to 4.30pm. We will tune in to a  video broadcast of Adyashanti’s daylong at Spirit Rock from September 2017.

The retreat is entitled The Three Orientations of Being:

There are three basic orientations toward our subjective and objective experiences of life: to accept life and seek to be in accord with it; to reject life and seek to transcend it; and to improve upon it. This day will explore how these orientations affect our experience of being and our spiritual life, how to utilize them without becoming fixated, and looking beyond them altogether to something more fluid, dynamic, wise, and loving.

The retreat will take place at the home of a Sangha member; with limited seating, early registration is advised. There will be a midday break for a shared lunch; chairs and hot tea are provided. There is no registration fee for this event; dana may be offered and will be sent to Spirit Rock in recognition and gratitude for their offerings of the dharma.

More information and directions to the venue will be sent upon registration. Please register below.

The Port Townsend Sangha warmly welcomes Seattle Insight Meditation Society’s co-leader Tim Geil to facilitate our November Day of Mindfulness.

Tim Geil began practicing Insight Meditation in 1996 and has taught meditation since 2006 under the guidance of Rodney Smith. In 2016, Tim completed the four-year Residential Retreat Teacher Training through Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society, and Insight Retreat Center. A Co-Guiding Teacher of Seattle Insight Meditation Society, Tim offers talks, classes, interviews, and retreats. He also works closely with leadership and volunteers at SIMS as a member of the board of directors. 

The day will commence at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm, with a brief break for lunch. Tim will guide us through a series of sitting and walking meditations, interspersed with dharma talks. The teachings are offered freely and retreat participants may wish to acknowledge this generosity through making a gift of dana to the teacher.

There is a retreat registration fee of $15 to cover costs, which can be paid on the day. Register below or email us with questions. Chairs, tea and dishes are provided; bring your own meditation supports and lunch. Registrants are asked to hold the intention to remain until the end of the retreat to preserve and foster the group dynamic.

The retreat will take place at the Friends Meetinghouse, corner of 19th and Sheridan in Port Townsend.

Information to come.