Sangha General Meeting – April 5, 2017

Since the guiding committee doesn’t exist anymore, Peter Guerrero facilitated an all-sangha meeting in lieu of what would have been the spring meeting of the committee. Here’s a brief summary:

  • Peter delivered the treasurer’s report on finances, noting that the Wednesday group is breaking even, that there’s a healthy balance overall, but that continued financial health is dependent on expenses/revenue associated with future planned retreats.
  • Consensus was the Wednesday sangha is serving a purpose and should continue to meet. The Friends Meeting House is an acceptable venue.
  • Opening and closing is booked for the next 6 months although Abi said she can’t lock up on the days she’s committed to. Linda created the 6 mo. sign-up list.
  • Leading and facilitating is more ad hoc, to be determined week by week by those attending. No volunteers were willing to maintain the existing study program. Also, no particular commitment to Vipassana was agreed upon although many felt it was a valuable path to the dharma.
  • Unclear how the group represents itself to the outside world and how people find it given Sui’s interest in moving on and ending her role as webmaster. Someone would need to take on website maintenance, answer e-mail inquiries, send out weekly meditation reminders, and update the volunteer sign up lists. Absent Sui, there are no volunteers stepping forward to do this other than Eli, a high school student, who’s offered to help.
  • Not addressed, due to time limitations, was how the sangha’s doing in terms of welcoming new attenders. Also not addressed was the sangha’s relationship to the DOM and retreat programs. Sui offered to talk to the retreat committee members, who were absent, to see what their thought were. This was what generated the recent plans, later abandoned, for another meeting on Monday.
  • Finally, Sui offered to create an umbrella website for all Port Townsend meditation groups since the Wednesday sangha, the DOM and retreats seem to be going separate ways and Sui felt the website reflected a PT Sangha that once existed but no longer exists. People felt this could be a good solution to maintaining a website presence for all.
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