Guiding Committee Meeting – April 24, 2014

Guiding Committee Meeting 4/24/14

  1. Role of Guiding Committee
  • Four people wanting to leave (Nancy, Randi, Selden, Linda); Nancy happy to continue on as Treasurer but not as GC member
  • Should GC continue in its current form?

o   Pros for keeping GC: group needs central body to hold it together; without it disorganization and miscommunication can ensue; maybe a model where the GC continues but sub-committees are a good idea to help share the load

o   Some things have to be done: we have a responsibility to MMI: this includes a contact person and a secure set up and close down system (important to have committee for that – 2-3 volunteers)

  • Resolution on continuation and role of Guiding Committee:

o   Jim to send email to sangha as follows:

o   Keep GC going, but in smaller capacity

o   Form several committees (2-4 volunteers in each committee) to administer various aspects of Sangha:

  • Opening/Closing Madrona Building – mandatory (Sarah to manage)
  • Treasury: two or three people to handle money – mandatory (Nancy to manage)
  • Retreat planning – mandatory (Selden to manage)
  • Education (including Librarian?) – optional
  • Social – optional
  • Communications (Website, Google Group, email lists) – optional (currently managed by Joan)
  • DOM – optional (currently Joan, Linda, Noreen, Nancy)

o   Keep Weeks 1-4 as is: Week 1: Dharma Talk; Weeks 2-4: Practice Notes

o   Make 5th Wednesday of month a social night (sit and sip) – social committee can organize

o   Signing up for facilitating – if no one signs up to facilitate, the meeting will remain unstructured (social) and will close at 8.30.

o   Put all instructions for how to do things on the web (Selden to get hard copies of instructions to Joan for putting on web)

o   Linda to ask Sarah to be Opening/Closing Committee chair; also leave Buddha in med room so people can have opportunity to stay in meditation if they want to

o   Jim, Joan, Randi, John, Linda to stay on GC

  • Linda to reserve kitchen at Fort for potential Sangha picnic in summer
  1. Discussion Guidelines during sangha meetings
  • How to deal with situations where Discussion Guidelines aren’t being followed?
  • Resolution:

o   Facilitator can intervene and bring awareness back to guidelines: no judging, comparing, fixing, cross-talk

o   This can also be managed by GC members or more experienced/long-term members

  1. Educating people on meditating/vipassana
  • Resolution:

o   Make available first Thursday of every month for people to learn meditating

o   Booklet available to give to people

  • Selden to get copy of booklet to Joan to put on website
  1. Jan Fraser coming to PT in August
  • shall PT Sangha be involved?
  • Resolution:

o   handle like we did with Joanna Macy visit – not sponsored by Sangha but if people from Sangha want to get involved that’s ok – Sangha will support it

o   not OK to advertise on GG or Sangha

  1. Advertising non-sangha events through Google Group and website
  • We receive occasional requests to advertise non-sangha related events through our media – is this OK?
  • Resolution:

o   not OK to advertise any non-Sangha things on website or GG

o   if uncertain, seek guidance of GC

  1. Retreats
  • Steve coming in October 7/8. Friday night talk and all day Saturday (Nancy to organize Yacht Club)
  • Rodney staying at Joan’s.





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