Dharma Study Program 2015

In our efforts to enhance continuity and hopefully increase interest and participation for the Dharma study part of our Wednesday night sits, we have created our first ever Dharma Study Program! View the 2015 Curriculum here.

The program was compiled from a list of submitted topics by sangha members. Most themes last for one month (4 weeks), though two themes are series that extend across two and three month periods. Each week we explore a particular topic within the theme. Dharma talks have been selected for weekly topics and included as links on the program. Except for the themes that are a series of talks by one teacher (marked by an asterisk*), Facilitators are welcome to substitute another topic/resource for the evening Dharma study, as long as it stays within the monthly theme.

Sangha members (and newcomers!) are encouraged to sign up via the online Volunteer Sign-up Sheets to facilitate during a theme that has special meaning for them. Remember, you’re welcome to substitute any of the suggested Dharma talks for one that you’d prefer (except Series talks, of course).

The 2015 program is respectfully submitted as a trial for improving the flow and function our collective Dharma study. The Guiding Committee welcomes your feedback.

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