November 11th Day of Mindfulness with Tim Geil

The Port Townsend Sangha warmly welcomes Seattle Insight Meditation Society’s co-leader Tim Geil who will facilitate our November Day of Mindfulness on Saturday, November 11th.

The topic for the retreat is ‘Releasing Resistance to This Moment’:

Much if not all of Dharma practice revolves around our resistance to this moment. Through mindfulness and meditative inquiry, we see directly both the cause of suffering, and its release. In doing so, we encounter patterns of identification and reactivity within our bodies, our emotions, and our thoughts. From the heart of compassion and wisdom, we invite a deep understanding of the nature of this resistance and its fundamental release. The day will flow through sitting and walking meditation periods, dharma talks, dyads, and dialogue.

The day will commence at 9.00am and finish at 4.30pm, with a brief break for lunch. Tim will guide us through a series of sitting and walking meditations, interspersed with dharma talks. The teachings are offered freely and retreat participants may wish to acknowledge this generosity through making a gift of dana to the teacher.

There is a retreat registration fee of $15 to cover costs, which can be paid on the day. (Please note, no one will be turned away for inability to pay; please pay what you can.)

Register through our DOM page or email us with questions. Chairs, tea and dishes are provided; bring your own meditation supports and lunch. Registrants are asked to hold the intention to remain until the end of the retreat to preserve and foster the group dynamic.

The retreat will take place at the Friends Meeting House, corner of 19th and Sheridan Streets in Port Townsend.

Tim Geil began practicing Insight Meditation in 1996 and has taught meditation since 2006 under the guidance of Rodney Smith. In 2016, Tim completed the four-year Residential Retreat Teacher Training through Spirit Rock, Insight Meditation Society, and Insight Retreat Center. The core teachers of this intensive program were Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, Carol Wilson, Gil Fronsdal, Guy Armstrong, Andrea Fella, Trudy Goodman, and Phillip Moffitt.

Tim emphasizes three expressions of the Dharma: investigation, non-resistance, and compassion. Our daily lives prove a tailor-made spiritual path for each person when we are willing to investigate areas of constriction and resistance. This reveals our personal suffering created by the illusion of a separate self. A deep sense of non-resistance and compassion brings balance to investigation. Relaxing fully into this moment is the essence of non-resistance. Compassion brings sensitivity and kindness as we meet all aspects of ourselves. This allows the heart’s release into stillness.

A Co-Guiding Teacher of Seattle Insight Meditation Society, Tim offers talks, classes, interviews, and retreats. He also works closely with leadership and volunteers at SIMS as a member of the board of directors. Tim has inhabited many roles: husband, father, wilderness ranger, martial artist, hospice volunteer, massage therapist. His relationship with his wife and daughter are a joyful and fundamental part of his dharma practice.


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