Guiding Committee

The guiding committee was formed in 2009 to help make the transition from our ten year meeting space in the Oliver’s home to a more public space. We reviewed possible locations, evaluated costs and tradeoffs, selected Madrona MindBody Institute as the new home for the Sangha, and managed the many details of changing to the new location. In 2014-2015, the Guiding Committee reviewed requests to open the Sangha to all member of our community by holding our meetings in an accessible location (MMI was not accessible at the time). After several months of deliberations and investigating new venues, the Guiding Committee voted to move to the Quaker Friends Meetinghouse in April 2015.

The goal of the guiding committee is to chart a course for the Sangha that enhances our meditation practices while acknowledging that everyone has different experiences and preferences. The committee facilitates the business of the Sangha including retreat scheduling, discussion form and topic planning, and how to spend the dana we collect for the Sangha. Guiding committee members make sure that the rents are paid, the doors unlocked, and that everyday business is taken care of.

The guiding committee meets quarterly, to take care of any necessary business, consider suggestions and set the schedule for the months ahead. Read the minutes from these meetings here.

The guiding committee seeks input from the sangha in several ways. Periodically a Wednesday evening is dedicated to a “talking stone” with the opportunity for everyone to tell us what they wish. We also invite Sangha members to contact the guiding committee or its members in person, by email, or by phone. Your thoughts are wanted.

The guiding committee strives to have six members. As existing members leave, new people are brought in. The requirements for guiding committee members is that they have had regular attendance at Sangha for a minimum of 6 months, have a regular sitting practice, they need to be internet savvy and comfortable using email, be willing and able to lead dharma discussions as required (mentoring provided if needed), and that they strive to offer a two year commitment to being on the committee. If you are interested in serving on the guiding committee let one of us know.

Current guiding committee members are:

  • Jean Atkin
  • Peter Guerrero
  • Jeanmarie Morelli

Jim Oliver – Senior Advisor (founder of PT Sangha)
Joan Oakland – Secretary
Peter Goll – Treasurer

We appreciate the contributions of past members:

David Ketter
John Hulburd
Nancy McMahon
Selden McKee
Joan Oakland
Noreen Parks
Guy Scharf
Kirk Gresham
Adriane Oliver
Ellen Ostern
Linda Smith
Randi Winter
John Wrobleski
in loving memory of David Speck